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About RRMF Chapter

The Real Estate sector has been considered as the second largest sector of our country in terms of contribution in our GDP and employment after agriculture.

If one is working in this sector and hearing to the above statement he feels good, and the said statement in itself is true that everybody is really earning good whether it’s a Builder, Contractor, Material Suppliers, Government etc, and also crores of people are getting employment but the true face of this sector is surprisingly different. This fame, money, and profits have only been possible by cheating one person only and that is the BUYER.

The Government who has earned Lacs of Crores, Millions and Billions up till now in form of taxes is also silent; infect somewhere protecting the culprits, because they know that these culprits have their pockets full so they can shed more. This is the true example of “Kafan ka bhi Sauda kar dena”.

We are a team of several professional, users and buyers, watching this hell very closely since very long. We know that they are big players, their nexus is very strong and everyone whether it’s Govt. Officers, Political Parties, State governments and builders are very closely knit and everyone’s hands are full of filth.

When we kept a close watch on Government and Officers their statements working pattern and their way of communication with a buyer, it was clear to us that “MERA MUNSIF HI MERA KATIL HAI MERE HAQ MAI KYA FAISLA DEGA.

And then we decided to bring everyone (More than 5 crore Home buyers are living in urban societies) together on one platform to fight with these Mammoths by creating this Foundation so one can overcome the various challenges and understand the power of unity.