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Today, a very important day for Delhi, Modi government can give relief from sealing

   Posted on 27th Feb 2018 17:45:03 in

In the board meeting of Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the final stamp will be taken on the amendments in the direction of relief from sealing. DDA will send it to the Union Housing and Urban Development Ministry for notification. There is speculation that notification can be issued this week.

According to DDA sources, it is almost certain that floor area ratio (FAR) will be increased to 350 for relief from sealing. Apart from this, the consignment can be agreed on the 7-meter wide road instead of 12-meter wide road for godowns located in the village.

During the public hearing, many villagers objected to it and argued that there is no 12-meter wide road in the village. At the same time, on the other hand, DDA is not seen in the mood to make any changes in parking conditions, considering the demand of the RW (Residential Welfare Association).

This kind of demand was sought from RWA. About 15 days after the public hearing, the DDA board is meeting. In such a scenario, the eyes of businessmen, RWAs, people working on the environment, etc. are only on Tuesday's board meeting.

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According to merchants, this amendment will not prove to be effective if parking is not relieved. On behalf of the traders, it has also been demanded that the places where the parking fee has been taken, the local body parking fee and the conversion fee should also be determined according to the category of categories. At the same time, RWAs are opposing the exemption of business activities in residential areas.

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