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Home buyers of DLF Express Greens Manesar  protested at DLF's office

   Posted on 24th Feb 2018 14:35:36 in

People of the Express Green Home Buyers Association went to the DLF's corporate office today. All demonstrators were upset about not getting their home. They spoke to officials at the DLF office and kept their questions in front of him. Officials of DLF heard all the questions but didn’t answer as they were not prepared for this. The court decision is coming on 6th March DLF officials have sought time till March 10. DLF promised all the buyers that they will answers all the questions on 10th with the court's decision as well.  The DLF will respond accordingly keeping the interests of buyers in mind.

The Express Green Home Buyers Association is raising the voices of all those who had invested in the DLF's Express Green Project. Overall, the buyers have invested 550 crores in the DLF Express Green Project.

What is the problem?

The home buyers of Express Greens say that the buyer has been deceived in the middle of the war between farmers and Haryana Government, nobody is watching them, neither the government nor the DLF, all the people had come to DLF's office today to show their problem. The problem of this project is its land. This land was bought by the government first from the farmers after that ABW took possession of this land, and then this land was sold to DLF. Now, the farmers from whom the land was acquired by Government are demanding more compensation because they say that government had taken land at cheap prices.

 The case is on from last 10 years between the farmers and the Haryana government, the home buyers are disturbed by paying the amount of flat to DLF, interest to bank and rent to their landlords. Next hearing of this case is on 6th March 2018.

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