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Home Buyers are not getting advantages of RERA

   Posted on 12th Jan 2018 12:34:20 in Developers

The real estate regulation Act (RERA) brought by the Modi government is not visible at all to save lakhs of home buyers from the hoaxes of builders. RERA was implemented in the real estate market for the purpose of transparency, but in most states it has not been implemented in a ray manner. Even in the eight big cities of the country, only two have full transparency, the remaining 6 cities have no transparency score. This transparency score was issued in the survey of real estate consultancy firm Knight Frank, India.

15 parameters study

In the report, Rare Transparency score (maximum 15), Mumbai and Pune topped the list. Mumbai and Pune have been given 15 points. While Rare Transparency scores in Delhi, Gururgram, Hyderabad and Kolkata are zero. The second is Chennai, which has been given 13 points, besides Noida 11, Ahmedabad 10 and Bengaluru 6 units.

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