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After Greater Noida, Yamuna Authority will not increase property rates

   Posted on 7th Apr 2018 11:05:43 in Developers

Like the Greater Noida Authority, the Yamuna Authority's property rates in the current financial year are unlikely to increase. Given the condition of property business, the authority is considering to keep property rates stable. It may be stamped in the potential board meeting on April 16.

The Yamuna Authority is pushing the eighth peak to increase industrial investment. Authorization is also getting success in this. But an increase in property rates may push back on the authorization effort rather than pushing it back.

In fact, the condition of the property business of the last several years is slim. From residential to industrial, commercial, property is not being procured in almost all categories. Plots and buildings are available in less than the rates fixed by the Authority. Therefore, the plans of the Authority are also not successful. In view of this, the authorities are avoiding increasing the property rates. Yamuna Authority has not increased any property rates since 2013.

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