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   Posted on 7th Dec 2017 07:06:35 in InfraStructure

Landscaping is a process that makes alterations to an area of land in one or all of the following three categories:
PLANTS - The addition of ornamental, edible, native or other types of landscaping plants.
TERRAIN - Changing the shape of the land through grading, backfilling, mounding, terracing, etc.
STRUCTURE - Constructing fences, patio covers, walls, decks, raised planters or other built features.

Landscaping requires combination of both science and art. Thus, people have practiced it for centuries. As far back as the ancient Mayans, humans were manipulating the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons.
A landscape professional is a person who has attained knowledge in the sector of horticulture as wells principles and element of landscape designs. They help you transform your property the way you want.

Here we are listing some of the companies that provide landscaping services:
Design Cell, Mumbai: Design Cell, an internationally recognized landscape architecture and planning firm established in 1987. They provide their client with wide range of professional services. Since 1987, the firm’s partners are dedicated to creative and technical excellence and high quality service, while providing cost effective and practical design.

Greenpiece Landscapes India Private Limited, Bengaluru: Sunil De Sousa is the director of this firm with a total experience of 28 years in landscape. They have a team of landscape architects, engineers, horticulturists and skilled workmen which work in harmony, ushering professionalism into every project. The team is backed by a network of consultants, contractors and vendors who are committed to high standards of aesthetics and design - with strict adherence to timelines.

Grotech Landscape Developers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi: It was established in 1991 with a small setup with vision to give a new dimension to Indian Landscape Industry. They started for the first time in India with “Landscape Engineers”. They were trained to work as a complete solution provider to all external works, which afterwards become a complete Landscaping subject in Indian Market. They are involved in big Landscaping project including all elements, such as Softscaping / Hardscaping / Irrigation / Water feature / Landscape Lighting. 

Four Leaf Landscape, New Delhi: They are a young team of Engineers, Horticulturists and landscape designers. This landscaping firm started 4 years back to cater the Landscape Industry. They believe that it is essential to give the demands and expectations of the client maximum priority. Their main focus is on timely delivery, as time is everything according to them. Their areas of expertise are Farmhouse landscaping, swimming pool construction and outdoor landscape lighting.

Garden World, Bengaluru: For two decades this landscaping and gardening Design Company has maintained its commitment to quality, integrity and service. They provides excellent commercial landscape and gardening services which include landscaping architecture & landscape design, landscape development & landscape execution, landscape maintenance, Garden designing and Plants nursery services.


A well-designed landscape not only can add beauty to your home but it also can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Use energy-efficient landscaping ideas based on your regional climate.