Experts view on latest real estate trends


   Posted on 31st Dec 2017 15:53:32 in Frauds



 Many buyers have been waiting for their dream home for years and years, and still nobody is sure when will one be given the possession of one’s flat. As jaypee declare itself insolvent amrapali group is not giving possession to the home buyers and not paying  wages to the worker they are protesting and opting different different ways for getting the possesion and salery .

Home buyers  have invested their hard earned money but they are not getting their homes and money back all these things  have shaken the confidence of the homebuyers who are planning to buy dream home.


No need to worry REALTY MEDIA team will guide, you have to keep following things before buying your dream home. Firstly remember your decision to buy a flat shouldn’t be based on the advice of someone else or the recommendation of a broker or the builder’s sales team. Remember that you are not going to buy a TV or refrigerator. It’s your home which will be the biggest investment of your lifetime and you can’t buy a home again and again.

Therefore, always take an informed decision after keeping the basics in mind and reading the fine print.


 Go for a RERA-approved project only

 Buyers should ensure any under construction property they buy now is RERA registered. In respect of the ongoing projects that have not received a completion certificate, developers have to get them registered too. Once registered, they too will have to follow the rules. “RERA provides several safeguards for prospective home buyers such as promoter’s promise, sacrosanct possession date, clear title, escrow account for proceeds from buyers and punishment for errant builders,” says Arun Ramamurthy, Director, Credit Sudhaar.

 Check the track record of builder

Only opting for a reputed builder is not enough as many such builders have been found becoming bankrupt these days. Therefore, “you should always check the track record of the builder before buying an under construction property,” advises Ramamurthy.

This is very important as India’s real estate industry is still inundated with unscrupulous players. Although RERA will hopefully take care of them, however, it will take some time. Meanwhile you have to be careful.

 Check the agreement:

 Buyers should check if the agreement that they are signing is with reputed owners. Sometimes it is found that while the name of the project might sound appealing, the actual contract is with special purpose vehicles owned by unsavory individuals. Avoid signing such an agreement in any case. Also take the services of a good lawyer to see if the agreements being signed are fair and well understood.

Verify the documents:

It is also important to check the credibility of the documents and also the fact whether all necessary approvals have been obtained or not. If not, the buyer of the flat may land in trouble later on. Therefore, get the certified copies of all documents that prove the undisputed ownership, non-encumbrance etc. The help of a good lawyer is needed here too.

 Go for bank financed projects:

These days in view of mounting NPAs, banks have become very careful and finance a project only after doing a certain amount of due diligence. Banks do all the document verification and follow legal procedures before making any investment. Therefore, it is relatively safe to buy your flat in a project that has been approved and financed by some leading banks.


Take a home loan: If you are unable to find out whether a project has been financed by some reputed bank or not, then you should try to a get a home loan by a leading bank or housing finance company. Banks give loans only when a project has been approved by them.

 Never buy a home just by taking a look at the sample flat or getting influenced by what has been written in the sales brochure. Check in detail the various offerings – such as swimming pool, children’s park, club house, etc — provided by the developer and get everything on paper. This will help in resolving a dispute in case that arises later on.