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"How to make your steps safe for children and seniors

Hi, making the stairway safe for your children and the elder people is really important. There are chances of falling and tripping from the steps easily if not paid attention. You can take several measures to prevent such kind of accidents and keep your children and seniors safe. You can start off by having a good lighting on the staircase, so that it is not dark and difficult to see and watch each step which they take. Lighting the stairs with LED light is a very good option so that the steps are illuminated and you can also light the handrails which come in several different styles. You can also go for rubber mats on the steps which are ideal. These mats provide proper grip to the feet and prevent falling or tripping. Talking about handrails is it important that every stairway has one which is strong and has a good grip. It is necessary that the stairway is kept clear without any mess on it or any other small items which might lead to falling. If there are children in the house, you can always add clutter carrying shelves around the stairs so that the steps are clear of the mess. The shelves can be filled with shoes, toys and all those things which might mess up. There should be proper checking and fixing of the banisters which may tend to get loose over the years. These loose banisters may break and can cause accidents from the stairs. It is necessary that the banisters are fixed properly along with the handrails and reattached. You can also paint the steps white and stick some anti-skid thread on them which makes it easier to watch every step and prevent falling or tripping. This way you can take measure to protect children and seniors from falling off the stairs.

How to prepare your house to deal with fire


There are various ways by which you can deal with fire at you house and these are some ways to prevent and prepare for the fires and emergencies at home. It is important that every house has fire detector installed in their house as it is very beneficial and rings at a slightest smoke as well. Usually people stay in apartments and it is should be applied outside each bedroom. There are two types of detectors namely, photoelectric and ionization, both work in different way. The other important thing is having a fire extinguisher at home. Mostly people do not have this at home and think that it is not necessary to have it in their homes, but it comes in handy at emergencies and should be kept at home. It should be kept near your kitchen and make sure to learn how to use one. The next thing is having fire blankets. These blankets help in putting out fire and are very useful in kitchen fires. When you use the blanket, fold part of it over your hands to prevent getting burned. The next important thing is planning the use of ladder during any emergency. We see that people use ladders to exit safely from an emergency so it is necessary that you plan how to use the ladder and also teach your children the techniques. We rarely see a fire box anywhere may be homes, malls, banks or anywhere. Having a fire box is absolutely necessary where you can store all the important papers, cards and financial records which will be safe in there and not burn keeping your important items safe. The next thing is having non-flammable things at home. Try using noninflammable furniture, roof tiles, home decorations, siding material and insulation. Many malls and big public places have sprinklers fitted for emergencies. Setting one sprinkler system at your home can keep you and your family safe from any mishaps. 

How to choose the right window shape for your home


 Choosing the right kind of window for your home is extremely important as these windows decide the amount of sunlight, air, freshness and the beautiful view in your house. Along with providing a beautiful view and connecting you with the outside it is also necessary that they provide proper security and protect you. You can look out for these tips while choosing the right windows for your house. Firstly, make sure that while choosing a window, it suits the home and the architectural style which your home depicts. Choosing the right window is a task which will match the style and architecture. A modern and contemporary house can have large windows which start from the ceiling to the floor. You can put basic sliding glass windows for a normal apartment house. Choose windows in such a way which will lit up your room or house properly and avoid any kind of dark spaces. You can opt for the window frame depending on the colour of the room of the style of architecture. You can choose the wooden or metal frame windows according to the style. While choosing windows for a traditional home you can go for the classic tudor style which has diamond shaped mullions. Select a proper window which will provide the right amount of ventilation in the room and enough light. The windows should be made of good quality which do not break or crack easily. Windows should be such which provide proper security and keep you safe and secure from anything like theft, rains, strong winds and many other things. You can also choose windows which are noise proof if your stay in a very busy area. Some windows are also sunlight proof which will prevent heating of the room but not cut out the sunlight from your room.

How to find the best property manager


Finding a good property manager is a task and it is really important that you find a proper property manager who will guide you and suggest you in a good way. Firstly, it is important to know that, how many properties is your manager dealing with. It also important to now that how many employees manage these units. A good property manager should the one who can handle 30 to 40 units at a time with the right tools and is a trained employee. It is important to know whether the manager has rental properties and if so then it is a benefit for the manager to have his own property, as they can relate better with the investor experience. It is also important the you know how often your manager will conduct inspections of your property and how accommodating they are. Makes sure that the normal inspections are included in their normal package itself and not considered in the extras. Never hire a property manager who will cut off your conversation while having any kind of discussion. The best managers are those who know how to keep their clients happy. The best property manager is who will tell you about all the ups and downs and also let you know where to invest and where to not. He will make sure that whatever you invest in has profit and these investments last for long. The property manager who understands your needs and situation during a time and helps you during that time is the best manager. Make sure that you choose such a manager who has proper tenant managing tools and quality property and it is also important that they share all the reports with you. 

Essential Business and Real Estate Investing tips


If you are interested essential business or real estate as a career, then there are certain things which you should know before starting off. These tips might come in handy while you go ahead in this career. There are chances that these tips might help in the increment of your success. Before starting off it is important that you secure your funding. If you have secured funding from the start itself then it will be beneficial for you to invest in some great properties without being worried about the funding. Proper funding can give you chances to invest in some real, good properties. it is important to look out for the foreclosure properties. It is important how to find and where to find these foreclosure deals. Make complete use of the foreclosure services list to speed up your process as no one has enough time to spend time with real estate agents to look for the foreclosure deals around the state and country. It is important that you start off today itself, waiting for the business is never going to work. It is necessary that you start investing and adopting it as a full time career or a side business. If you put off the inevitable you will essentially be letting the money that you could be making walk away as you sit on the ledge afraid to jump. Now is a great time for novice investors to get their start in real estate - home prices are low and foreclosure deals are still relatively easy to find. Real estate investing can be incredibly rewarding - and highly profitable - if you do your research ahead of time, make smart investment decisions, and have patience with the process. If you are just getting started in real estate market investing, utilizing these four essential tips will help you get started in what could be a very lucrative business.

Facts about home buying everyone thinks are true

There are several facts about home buying which everyone thinks are true. There are some people who think that they cannot afford home stager and also have a misconception that these stagers charge way too much like the designers which is not true. There are different budgets for the stagers and it comes according to your needs like full house or only the rooms. People think that they do not require the stager as they can decorate their houses beautifully by themselves or by some professional. This is not true as all the houses require some focus on the house rather than the decoration. The staging focuses on the house and its features. Today all the buyers are very sophisticated and classy and do not look pass through any flaws and have all the information about the design ideas, interior etc. The buyer expects more than what was in the past and if the seller is not willing the buyer will move on to another property. People do not stage their homes and sell it and this is the reason that they think it will again. People do not invest more money into the house as they are selling it. The ROI on the investment of home staging is to average a sales price that is 7-10% more than a non-staged home. Also, staged properties sell 50-80% faster than non-staged homes eliminating several potential months of carrying costs. This all factors into the cost of not staging a home and defeats the purpose of not putting money into their current home. People think that if the house is vacant the space looks bigger, it is not true as the room looks bigger when there is furniture to the scale, giving an idea to the buyer of how their furniture will look and how they should manage their space

Amazing Real Estate facts to entertain your brain 

There are many amazing real estate facts which will keep you entertained. There are people who think that McDonald’s is a burger flipping restaurant chain but it is not. It is a real estate portfolio and McDonald gets paid as it has the best commercial real estate all over the world and the burger flipping is a franchisee. Warren buffett bought a house in 1958 and still lives in it and is the richest man who paid $31,500 for the house. Did you know that the brass doorknobs disinfect themselves. Brass has the most antimicrobial property in it and can kill bacteria also other metals like copper, silver, aluminum, iron and lead have the same property. In Scotland, the home owners after paying their mortgage paint their front doors red. A guy traded one red paper clip and did so until he bought a house. Charles Floyd was a gangster who was positively viewed in the public robbed banks and destroyed all the mortgage documents which helps in freeing a lot of citizens from their debts. Monopoly was designed originally to teach the players about the nature of capitalism. India’s richest person built a home worth $1 billion and has 27 floors in it along with six parking floors for about 168 car capacity. In New York, the seller has to legally disclose if they have a property under inspection which is haunted by ghosts. The Burj Khalifa is so tall that you can watch the sunset from the base of the building take an elevator on the top floor and watch the sunset again. In China, the builder can build a 30- story sky scrapper in just 15 days by using prefabricated modules. The white house has been valued at approximately $ 110 million. A hotelier and real estate magnate Leona Helmsley left $12 million in her will for her dog.

Challenges of Starting and Growing a Real Estate Investment Firm. 

It is not really easy to start off and grow into real estate investment firm. There are quite a lot of challenges which need to be overcome to for a great start. These are some tools and guides which need to be used to solve the challenges for building a good company. Try to make a name which conveys the brand and is a good one which can be remembered without interfering the trademarks. Try to look out for a partner who will compliment you in a good way and also share same thoughts as you have. Try to search for a partner who has the same integrity as you. Make sure to write deal memo’s for the protection of any deal. Try to find a good 3rd party property management for small things in tertiary and secondary markets. Make a website which conveys all the brand information and is also unique and functional. Try to find a good source for small debts and also local deals. It is important that you deal with the billing and other expenses to the property. It is important that you set up new entities for each deal. There should be new bank accounts for each deal. It is necessary that funding large deposits out of the pockets prior to having debt or equity commitments. It is important that you provide high-quality investor reporter each quarter. It is important that the investors are provided with K1’s on time. Keeping the investor banking information updated is also equally important. You should also approach to the investors for a capital call. The ongoing investor cultivation should be known and also the leader compliance. It is important to cut back on the investors on small deals and also building an investor base strategically. It is important to find an affordable attorney who will protect all your interests. 

Steps to reduce your property taxes 


There are several ways to reduce the property taxes. These taxes can be really burdensome and might rise easily even after paying off the mortgage. The taxes never stop and there are ways to reduce it. there is always a price hike in home values and hence there is also an increment in the property tax. You can appeal if you feel that the property tax has increased rapidly and out of worth, to minimize the burden. The local government send assessment notice to the homeowners in first few months of the year as the schedules differ. Whenever you get yours or before you get yours, make sure that you check the deadline and also be aware of the locality assesses property. There are some taxes which are set according to the market value percentage. When you get your property tax bill, check it for your tax rate, assessment figures and payment schedule, and make sure that you’re getting the tax breaks you deserve. Some states allow anyone who owns and lives in a primary home to shield a portion of its value from taxation, or you may be eligible for credits based on your income or status as a senior citizen, veteran or disabled person. Check your property’s record card, which you’ll find at your assessor’s office or possibly on its Web site.

Negotiation tips for home buyers 


Negotiation is what every buyer wants when he buys anything. Buying a house is not easy and negotiating it is not at all easy. But there are a few tips which need to be followed for negotiating. While buying a house, you definitely look forward for good terms and price. It is important to understand when to start and when to stop negotiating. Being aware of the market value, neighbourhood and the street is also important. There is more room for negotiation when there are more homes for sale but less people to buy. Make sure that you have a good finance backup before looking for homes. You offer should also include mortgage approval as this approval process can take several months. Base your offer on the home value, not the list price. The recent sales in the neighborhood give you and your agent ammunition and information. If a home is priced at or below market value, you’re unlikely to get it for less. If it is priced above market value and has been on the market for a while, a lower offer accompanied by a market analysis may get you the home. This is where a good agent can be invaluable.Don’t assume that the inspection will allow you to reopen negotiations. It’s certainly acceptable to ask for a credit if the inspection reveals major problems. But in a tight market, you may not get it. These days, it’s unlikely that a seller will make significant repairs, and you’re better off asking for a credit at closing so you can hire your own contractors. In some hot markets, prospective buyers do an inspection before making the offer so they can submit an offer with fewer contingencies.

Your real estate marketing calendar: Do’s and Don’ts


There are so do’s and don’ts which every person entering the real estate business should know. These are some of the do’s which you should definitely do for a great business. Try to identify your target market and understand your audience. There are several brands who want to reach the people as fast as possible. There are different customers who have common interests and once you understand it, it is easy to target their interest and seek their attention. Using the project management tool is extremely important. There are several apps and websites available today which can help in getting your organized. Starting from excel sheet to google calendar you can plan something effective in the marketing calendar. You can share these ideas with your team and update everyone. There are at times when creating a content can be really stressful and not original. You can use any form of content, from training slide decks, whitepapers, surveys, to old blog posts. It’s just a matter of re-writing and updating it. Here are some don’ts which you should follow to avoid failure. Do not try to overflood your audience timeline and inbox. One or two posts a day is more than enough for the day and having a blog post once a week will have your audience follow you and not unsubscribe you. Do not try to lose focus from your goals. You need to adjust your goals so that you don’t fail or lose hope. Meeting the deadlines and challenges might be scary but try to make a marketing calendar.

Ultimate real estate contact management and marketing tips 


There are some tips which need to be followed for a proper marketing and real estate contact management. You can keep in touch with your group and send personalized emails. You can approach to the client as “Dear Valued Client” or addressing the client with respect is more important. Use your Realtor CRM or email real estate marketing software to personalize your emails so each one is addressed to the recipient’s name.It is important that you identify the important leads which are in your database with Email Campaign Reporting without considering the size of the real estate database and without this it might be difficult to know the lead with which you might want to engage. Try to follow good practices to get good feedbacks from the clients. Ask for referrals from those around you. Mention the types of people who might benefit from your services and give examples of people who they can refer you to. Try to keep in contact with your best clients through emails or calls. Try to send some rewards to those who refer you and show your appreciation towards them. This way the clients feel special and might tell your reference to many other people who are interested.  You can always talk about the outcome of the referral which the client has taken and also communicate so that they stay in the loop.

Things buyers do that real estate agents hate


There are several things which a buyer does which a real estate agent hates. There are certain things like caring too much about the aesthetics. When the estate agent show you houses it means that he or she wants you to look into it deep and also buy it, but there are buyers who run away from dirty houses or if there are repairs to be done to the house. The agents hate waiting for too long. There are some buyers who keep their agents on hold and do not decide whether to buy the house or not. If the house is beautiful and still the buyer is taking too long to make a deal this might make the agent crazy. Money is important but when you decide the right price and then refuse to pay it on 10 contingencies, then this is frustrating your agent and the seller as well. When the agent informs you about all the required needs and conditions about the seller and yet you ignore the conditions and deals of the seller which might irritate your agent. So the sellers didn’t accept your offer, but they’re willing to consider a counter. If your next offer isn’t reasonable, at best, your agent will spend a lot of time going back and forth between you and the sellers’ agent. At worst, you’ll frustrate the sellers and lose the house for good. We get it. You don’t want to overspend or give in on too many parts of the deal, but don’t be a Scrooge. Listen to your Realtor. By now, he knows what the seller will and won’t accept. Talking to some other agent or team might upset your agent and doing so without his presence might make it worse. Make sure that your agent has idea about your meeting with the other team.